With Portal being released for Nvidia Sheild, what does this mean for ARM and PC’s?

Old news but since it was overshadowed by Oculus getting bought by Facebook, I might as well.

Nvidia has announced that Valve Software’s popular puzzle game, Portal, is going to be released for Android on the Nvidia Shield.

In my opinion this is pretty big news that might blur the line between Tablets/Phones and PC’s and bring on full convergence utilizing the ARM architecture aside from what we all use on our desktop PCs, from a gaming standpoint at least. Ubuntu is aiming for the whole convergence aspect, and in my opinion they’re doing everything 100% right when it comes down to it, however what Ubuntu and Linux in general are missing are games that can be fully compatible on-the-go without having to deal with micro transactions.

Valve already has been changing the way Linux is looked at when it comes down to gaming with their dedication and contributions to the Mesa drivers. So would a full blown Steam client (aside from the mobile versions of Steam for iOS and Android where you can chat only) be available for the future of handheld gaming devices that run on Android or possibly Ubuntu?

Here’s the Nvidia blogpost explaining Portal on Android/Shield